Dr. Malcolm Rider


For over 30 years Malcolm Rider has been involved in the hydrocarbon industry, working first for a major company and then running his own consultancy business. He is still very much active in the industry, travelling the world presenting specialist courses and advising on oil exploration techniques.


Malcolm first studied Geology at Oxford, eventually graduating with a doctorate from Imperial College, London in 1969. When not teaching in industry, he spends his time as an Honorary Fellow in the University of Edinburgh, conducting PhD supervision and research.


First published 10 years ago, Malcolm's specialist textbook 'The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs' was written to support his industrial teaching. It is now used world-wide in both the hydrocarbon industry and universities.

Highland Interest

Malcolm has long lived with his family in the remote Northern Highlands of Scotland. His admiration and scientific interest in the area's beautiful countryside inspired the writing of Hutton's Arse. Today, controversial developments in the Highlands are beginning to cause concern among locals and may be damaging the area for the future. Malcolm hopes that this book will help in an understanding of the qualities of the area and contribute towards its sensible conservation.